Thursday, March 11, 2010

Early Floyd Thursday 03-11-2010

On this date in 1967 Pink Floyd released Arnold Layne written by Floyd founder Syd Barrett, the twisted genius who started the group then fried his brain on acid and wound up in a mental institution. Syd was the principal songwriter in the early Pink Floyd. When he left the group, Roger Waters took over that creative spot. Later, when Roger parted ways with the band- David Gilmore took over that role.

The video for Anrold Layne is one of the trippiest videos ever made. Check it out on YOUTUBE:

Pink Floyd are one of the most enigmatic bands ever, and their creativity in the recording studio is the stuff of legends. They did a lot of their early work at Abbey Road Studios where they worked with engineer Alan Parsons. They pioneered the use of non-musical elements in their music. The beginning of Money or Time feature custom recorded quadraphonic sound effects such as Alan Parsons recording noon in an antique clock shop.

I am currently reading Inside Out, A personal History of Pink Floyd by drummer Nick Mason. It's a real eye-opener. There is so much information about the groups history that I find myself reading some parts twice just to make sure I got it. I recommend Inside Out for any rock fan, not just a Pink Floyd freak.

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  1. In addition to their music, I find their imagery fascinating, which is all captured in the book Mind Over Matter: The Images of Pink Floyd...I particularly like the album art for the Division Bell album, and Delicate Sound of Thunder.