Thursday, September 16, 2010

Creature From The Black Lagoon Tuesday 09-14-2010

Creature From The Black Lagoon
Tuesday 09-14-2010 9:44am PT
I will be at At&T Park on Saturday for the Giants vs Brewers game, and then afterward I'll be sticking around for CREATURE FEATURES night with the legendary John Stanley as they show CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON on the Giant scoreboard. It should be a real hoot. That is one of my favorite movies and I used to have the movie poster for it hanging in my living room (something only a bachelor could do.) What a great poster!!!

I have a super busy week this week and the bummer is I won't get to see my grandson on Thursday like I usually do, so I'll have to reschedule for a few days later. Saturday is out because of the Giants game, so it has to be Sunday. I don't care what I have to blow off to see Nate, but whatever it takes, it doesn't matter- Nate takes priority. Besides, he loves his grandpa!

I just found out that Buffalo Springfield will reunite for a one time only gig at the Bridge School Benefit. They were always one of my favorite bands and what treat it would be to see them live on stage again. Two members have died- Bruce Palmer died in 2004 and drummer Dewey Martin died last year. That leaves Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, and Jim Messina. Of course, KFOX will have tickets to that event that you can win simply by listening. By the way- the rest of the Bridge School Benefit line-up is pretty impressive- Pearl Jam, Merle Haggard, and Elvis Costello among others.

Summer is slipping away and we really never got a chance to enjoy it. I love summer and this time of year I always feel a little sad, nostalgic even, that our precious time is slipping away and there's nothing we can do about it. I could live in summer 12 months a year- like in Hawaii!

On this date in 1716 the first lighthouse in the US was lit for the first time in Boston Harbor. It began guiding ships to safety immediately. I've always been fascinated by lighthouses and the people who live in them. It's frightening to know that the sea is swirling around you and that if a big enough wave comes along, it could knock the whole place over. The isolation must make some people crazy, while others don;t have a problem. But look at these pictures and fantasize about what life must be like on one of them.

There once was an old song, which was used in the Kubrick movie Clockwork Orange, called I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper. Must get lonely out there and you can't order a pizza.


Oh Say Can You See... Monday 09-13-2010

Oh Say Can You See...
Monday 09-13-2010 10:46am PT
I grew up in Baltimore. When I was in the Boy Scouts we went on field trips to many historical places in and around Baltimore. We regularly took train trips to Washington, D.C. to visit places like the White House, The Smithsonian, the National Gallery, the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the FBI.

It seemed like every spring we went to Ft. McHenry, on the shores of Baltimore Harbor, birthplace of the "The Star Spangled Banner". It was on this date in 1814 that Francis Scott Key wrote that song.

I grew up learning about how Francis Scott Key was a prisoner on board one of the British warships, and how he watched the battle of Baltimore that night, and kept looking to see if our flag was still there. It was the War of 1812. You have to remember, the British had just defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo and were feeling pretty invincible. Also, they had just burned the White House, Capitol Building, and most of the rest of the town. They were looking to deal us a final death blow by destroying Ft. McHenry. Imagine if that happened today!

Francis Scott Key watched from the deck of one of the English Warships. "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there."

Friday On My Mind Friday 09-10-2010

Friday On My Mind
Friday 09-10-2010 10:14am PT
I will be at Netos in Santa Clara for TROOPFEST 2010 tomorrow, Saturday, the 9th anniversary of 9/11. It's so important that we support our troops, after all, they protect us and our freedoms. If it hadn't been for these guys, we'd all be speaking German, or Japanese, or, God help us- Farsi. My father will looking down from Heaven to see who's there, so show up for sure! I will be there from 3-5 pm. Here's a nice photo of my hero- Lt.Stanley Kihn, US Army Infantry- 1944.

Let's show the troops that not only do we appreciate their sacrifices, but we will support their mission. Just like my father in WWII- remember what he used to say- "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."

Netos is a really cool market and grll in Santa Clara where they make the best sausages in town. Did I mention that there will be bar-b-que? Look for the KFOX tent and the open air stage. I'll see ya there!

I just heard from Tony Lindsay, lead singer from Santana, and an old friend of mine. He called in at the end of the show today to tell me that he'll be performing in Los Gatos tonight at #1 Broadway with his band, and he'll be at the Mountain Winery on Saturday night working with Laura Johnston, daughter of Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers.

As a matter of fact, 18 year old Laura will be opening for her father's band The Doobie Brothers at the Mountain Winery this weekend. Lindsay tells me that she can really sing, and coming from him that's quite a compliment since Tony Lindsay is one of the best singers I have ever heard.

Speaking of kids- I spent yesterday afternoon with my favorite guy in the world- Nate! My grandson is talking up a storm these days. He clearly said, "Hi Grandpa" when I walked in. He pointed to the guitar and said, "Ga!" He's still working on that one. I love that kid!