Friday, May 21, 2010

McCartney/Dolley Madison/Praying Mantis

McCartney/Dolley Madison/Praying Mantis
Friday 05-21-2010 10:07am PT

First things first:
Sir Paul at At&T Park! On tomorrow's show- McCartney Tickets!
This is the toughest ticket in town and we got 'em! I don't know if you've checked the prices but these tickets are not cheap! And you can win them tomorrow! For free!

OK, back to normal...
Yesterday, my first batch of praying mantises hatched! I got a couple hundred healthy little buggers! I kept about a dozen and let the rest go in the yard. I'll have more updates tomorrow and maybe even some video!

And so it begins again...

My favorite First Lady of all-time was born on this date in 1768. Dolley Madison was married to James Madison, fourth President of the U.S. (It was her second marriage.) James was 17 years older than Dolley and a confirmed bachelor.

She was a plucky woman with a strong personality, but the reason I really like her was what she did during the war of 1812. When the British troops invaded Washington D.C. in the War Of 1812, they intended to burn the entire city down. Dolley loaded up all the expensive silverware, jewels, and valuables from the White House and secertly shipped it to Maryland for safe keeping.

Then, in a burst of patriotism, she took down the portrait of George Washington and removed it from the White House before the English troops torched it!

Dolley- we need more like you today!

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