Thursday, March 19, 2009

The San Jose A's?

The San Jose A's?
The Oakland A's moving to San Jose?

It's not such a outrageous idea after all.

Tomorrow I will be talking to Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose. We'll be discussing the possibility of moving the A's to San Jose. I want this to happen so bad I can taste it! This idea makes sense on every level.

Think of it! The A's in San Jose! What an awesome concept! Consider what this will mean to our city. We'll be a major league city in every sense of the word. It will mean big revenue for San Jose, money for local merchants, and a huge boon to downtown. Green and gold, baby!

I remember as a kid when the Orioles came to Baltimore (they were formerly the old Cleveland Browns.) I was only 5 years old but I remember how everyone was excited to have our very own team in Baltimore. We weren't some second-rate backwater town anymore. After years of living with an inferiority complex from New York, Baltimore was now major league! Civic pride went through the roof. People were so happy. My father took me to Memorial Stadium (only a few blocks from our house on Southway) to see the boys of summer play. When they won the world series a few years later the whole town went nuts. The parade went right down Greenmount Avenue, half a block from my mother's house. I can't tell you how stoked I was. It literally defined my childhood.

Now we have that very same opportunity here in San Jose. The A's have exhausted every avenue in Oakland, and it really seems like Mayor Ron Dellums and the Oakland City Council have turned their backs on the A's. Lack of support would not be a problem in San Jose. We are foaming at the mouth for the A's and we've already proved this is a city that supports its teams. (Unlike Oakland.)

Imagine that first World Series Championship in San Jose! Wow! Is there any question that we could build the most beautiful ballpark in baseball and fill it with people for every game? Hell no! Look at what the Sharks have achieved. Would the victory parade route go down Santa Clara Street? How about Market Street? Could you visualize a fleet of cars carrying our very own world champion A's past the reviewing stands? I can. Maybe I'm getting a little carried away, but I think this is not only possible, but pretty damn probable. Here's how we can achieve our goal:

Oakland is in decline, San Jose is on its way up. In Oakland, businesses are closing, stores are boarded up, and people are afraid to go out at night. In San Jose, business is booming. People are swarming all over downtown. Don't believe me? Just try getting a dinner reservation on a Saturday night. Silicon Valley is the future of business in America, we deserve a major league team here.

I can't wait to have a hot dog at the new ballpark and watch the San Jose Athletics play. We'll be thanking Chuck Reed for generations to come! What an excellent legacy to leave us with! Like when former Mayor McHenry brought the Sharks to San Jose and got the HP Pavilion built. I say let's support current San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and bring the A's here! This is completely doable! San Jose has the juice to actually get it done. Mayor Reed says the odds are 50-50. Let's see if we can tip those odds upward to 75-25. Let's get the A's into a brand new downtown ballpark and start selling out! We can do this! Keep saying this over and over in your head until it sounds like reality- here come the San Jose A's!

Years from now, I want to bring my grandchildren to see games in San Jose. Don't we owe it to them to try?

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