Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The King Of Weird Tuesday 03-23-2010

Did Phil Spector get beat up in prison? Seems like somebody somewhere took a dislike to Phil's sense of humor. He said thewrong thing to the wrong person- and BOOM! Mr. Spector was treated for a bruised nose, a black eye, and a couple a teeth knocked loose. You gotta be careful what you say in jail, and who you say it to. By the way, Phil was freaked out that Charlie Manson wanted to meet him and maybe have him produce Charlie's jail cell album sessions. Some people never give up, do they?

It's amazing how weird this man has become. I mean, he was the father of the "wall of sound" and invented rock and roll production in the 1950's with his brilliant work with the Ronettes. He married Ronnie Spector, divorced her a few years later. What happened? Apparantly he was insane. At least that's what she said. In light of what's happened since, I guess she was right.

That's Ronnie in the middle. (I always had the hots for her when I was young!) Check out the big hair! I understand it's coming back in fashion again, I sure hope so.

I got some emails from some of you yesterday asking me if the story of the Braunsweiger Chronicles was true. I can assure you- every word is true. I really did work for my Uncle Johnny when I was 13 years old in Baltimore, and yes, he did have a fluorescent lighting company, and yes, I did have to eat all those Braunsweiger sandwiches. Ugg! I can still taste the stuff...

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