Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Madness Of King Michael Tuesday 03-16-2010

It's always fun to point fingers at crazy people, but somehow Michael Jackson is not in the same league with other "regular" crazy people. He's equal parts Howard Hughes, Anna Nicole Smith, Marie Antoinette, Caligula, Cleopatra, Richard Nixon,Scrooge McDuck, Imelda Marcos, and Elizabeth Taylor. This man is off the scale.

They say rich people are "eccentrics" and common-folk are "nuts" but what does that make the King of Pop? Bull-goose loony? I don't know. It seems to me that the number one occupational hazard of being a rock star in losing your mind. I stand by that statement. It obviously effects different people in different ways. I may have been a little nuts back in the 80's but I was far from the mind shattering madness of supertstardom. I could always walk into a 711 and buy a pack of gum.

We used to have this thing called "The Pack Of Gum Test" for rock stars. Could they walk into a 711 and buy a pack of gum? Some can't. Elton John? Prince? Lady Gaga? Could they do it? I don't think so. Do they even carry money on them? Here are a few rock stars who pass the "gum" test- Tina Turner (I was with her when she did it!), Bruce Springtseen, Huey Lewis, andSteve Miller. These are more or less normal people who just happen to be famous musicians. But Michael Jackson? He's on his own planet.

There's a word that says it all here: Hubris. Here's the definition: excessive pride, self confidence: arrogance. That doesn't even begin to explain it. If you're looking for a word, how about crazy?

Recently, workers going through his belongings have discovered some very disturbing pieces of artwork that were commissioned by Michael to display around his various homes. I'm just going to show them here with minimal comment. You can keep your own comments to yourself, but when you see how out of control the man's ego was, and how out of touch with reality, it makes you cringe...

What can one say about this? What's more disturbing, MJ's white body with rock hard abs and pecs or the naked cherubs flying around? I don't know. This is wrong on so many levels...

As Ponce De Leon searching for the fountain of youth? You figure it out.

Here's a particular favorite of mine, it's the hood of Michael Jackson's custom golf cart, the one he used to get aroundNeverland. He's depicted here as Peter Pan! Complete with Captain Hook's pirate ship!

What can you even say about this one? Is Michael being Knighted? By himself?

There's an air of insanity that runs through all of this. If I ever go this crazy, take me out back and shoot me with a tranquilizer dart and throw a net over me.

There's more, but I don't have the heart to run any more.

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