Friday, May 14, 2010


Thursday 05-13-2010 10:24am PT

Thursday, day of joy, day of light, day of love... Thursday, day of potentialities... Day of dreams... Welcome to the magic that is THURSDAY!

Thursday comes on tiny footsteps through the cow field, Thursday has many suitors but one marries Thursday, because Thursday is a lonely day. A day or reflection. A day of meditation. Thursday’s not putting on any airs, it knows its place in the week. Not as glamorous as Friday and nowhere near as cool as Saturday, Thursday has it’s own style.

Thursday is often seen having lunch with mysterious Asian women at trendy restaurants that no one knows the name of. Thursday speaks several languages and is quick to point out other people’s faults. For, at its core, Thursday is a non-confrontational day, a day for Polish food, a day to pick up the dry cleaning, a day to flush the colon.

Famous people are often born on Thursday, creative people like Shel Silverstein and Ersil Hickey. It’s all in how you serve it- Thursday, it’s not just for meatloaf anymore.

Mr. T. says, "I pity the fool who disrespects Thursday..."

Thursday has its own website. It's on Facebook and MySpace too. Thursday is looking for more friends. Thursday doesn't have any roadies, but it knows who to call to get things done. Most people can afford Monday through Thursday, it's Friday, Saturday and Sunday that are too expensive.

Thursday is the Etch-A-Sketch of days.

The Thighmaster was invented on a Thursday. So was the Hula Hoop. Thursday has earned its beans and now expects them to be counted. Holding the spot between Wednesday and Friday, Thursday maintains order within the week. What would life be like without Thursday? Chaos! Wednesday would crash right into Friday, all the stuff that didn’t do Monday and Tuesday would get blown off. So, show some respect for Thursday.

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