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Tuesday 07-27-2010 10:03am PT
Correction. In yesterday's blog I included an old-time magazine advertisement from the 1960's to illustrate the story about my mother's humongous Chevy Bel Air station wagon, the car I learned to drive in. The problem was that the car pictured was an Impala wagon, not a Bel Air. I was mistaken because both vehicles are ridiculously large, with over-sized engines and rear seats that faced the other way. My mistake.

We had dinner in San Francisco a few days ago at a very fancy restaurant. The food was great, the prices were insane, but the service was horrible! I don;t know about you,, but when I'm paying inflated prices for the food, I expect the service to be spectacular. When the waiter is snotty or rude it ruins the whole experience. Of course, poor service should be reflected in the tip. It was. I hate to do it, but what else can a guy do?
It's the continuing legacy of "Sister Double Happiness" from our local Chinese restaurant. At least "Sister Double Happiness" is genuinely pissed off at the world. She hates everybody, whereas the fancy waiters had a superior attitude, and didn't actually hate the world, it seems, just us...
I finally broke down and bought a FasTrack window sticker, and now I can breeze through the toll plaza. I recommend it. I bought it at the drug store, activated it online, and now I can watch my activity on the FasTrack website. I didn't think I went into the the city that much, but I've already used it 3 times in the past month. The convenience is nice.

Buster Posey has hit safely in 19 straight games, having just passed Orlando Cepeda for longest Giant rookie streak- next are a pair of Willies- McCovey and Mays. Who knows how far the streak can go? Remember- the all-time record is 56 straight games set by Joltin' Joe DiMaggio! This kid can really hit! Check this out: if the season ended today the Giants would win the wild card. That means the strong likelihood of postseason baseball in the Bay Area! The trading deadline is coming up, let's see if they can pick up a player for the stretch run.

Yesterday Matt Garza of the Tampa Bay Rays pitched a no-hitter! It was the 5th no-hitter this year! I guess that makes it the year of the pitcher! Who's next?

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