Friday, April 17, 2009

Magnetic Levitation!

Magnetic Levitation!

Greg Kihn demonstrating the new "Maglev Belt" (Magnetic Levitation) in the KFOX Parking lot as seen by Tim Jeffreys and Chris Jackson. Greg will be attempting to become the first recording artist to use this new technology at _Kihncert 2009 May 24th at the Shoreline.

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Magnetic Levitation!

The Maglev belt! Well, it's not actually a belt, it's more like a harness or a girdle, but the concept is real, I will actually levitate above the crowd at this year's KIHNCERT. Let me tell you the whole story. A few days ago I was contacted by the EMS (Electro Magnetic Systems) Company of Sunnyvale, California about the possibility of wearing one of their Magnetic Levitation devices at the KIHNCERT. __As you can see, it actually works! Of course I am concerned about the safety aspects of the Maglev Belt. If something breaks the magnetic field while I'm aloft, I could fall and not only injure myself, but also some concert goers in the first 20 rows at the Shoreline. __If this works it will change the way gigs are played forever! I understand that the company has already been contacted by KISS about using their belts to levitate all 4 band members above the audience. Also, I hear that MADONNA is interested. But forget about those guys! I'll be the first to use a Magnetic Levitation device ever!__We are waiting to hear back from the Shoreline Amphitheater about the legal ramifications of the Maglev Belt. Of course, safety is our #1 concern. We don't want to see anybody get hurt. So, hang tight and I will keep you informed on this great experiment in live entertainment. Wish me luck!


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  2. Real levitation, was it? Are you sure there was no trickery involved? If the levitation was real, how about making cars levitate like the Doc's DeLorean? I do want there to be flying cars for real in 2015.

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