Friday, April 17, 2009

Wolfgang's Vault

Wolfgang's Vault

There are many Greg Kihn Band live shows out there in the Internet. People send me links all the time. Wolfgang's Vault has a bunch of them, and the quality is excellent. They currently have posted a live show from 1986 recorded in Philadelphia featuring Joe Satriani on lead guitar. Here's a link to that site. There are many GKB live shows archived there.

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  1. Greg, hello. An old fan from Sacramento (saw you at the State Fair, with Huey Lewis and the News opening...fantastic show!). I've listened to the Wolfgangs Vault concert you mentioned, and it is great! I'd love to buy it but it's "play-only" at Wolfgang's Vault.

    Thanks for all the great music! Listening to your CD's always makes me smile and I have great memories of the GKB.

    Best - Eric Hansen