Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening Day/ National Anthems

Opening Day/ National Anthems

I saw Taylor Hicks from American Idol (he's in town to play in "Grease") sing the National Anthem on opening day at the SF Giants yesterday and it reminded me how hard it is to sing it in AT&T Park. Most baseball stadiums have a huge delay in the sound system because of the size of the place. Usually it's about 1.5 seconds. Have you ever tried to sing with a 1.5 second delay in your ear? It's damn near impossible. I noticed Taylor used a monitor wedge (speakers) right in front of him pointing directly into his face. That's OK except you still hear the delay, it's just not as loud as the primary signal. That delay can really throw you off! It's death to singers! I usually plug my ears with cotton or tissue so I can't hear anything except the sound of my own voice resonating inside my head. It's a brutal way to do it but it works every time. You don't want to take a chance with the National Anthem.

By the way, I haven't heard from the San Jose Sharks about singing the National Anthem at a NHL Stanley Cup playoff game yet. I hope they call soon. I don't want to miss that opportunity, besides the Sharks could go all the way this year!

It's just been confirmed that I will be singing the National Anthem for the San Francisco Giants on July 4th. Afterward there will be a fireworks display. I love the 4th of July! It's the most patriotic holiday!

The next time I sing the Anthem I will take a video camera with me out on the field (or the ice) and tape what it looks like from my perspective. I might have to hand it off to someone else at the last moment before I sing, but I think you'll get the picture. It's pretty amazing. It's a whole lot easier to sing the Anthem indoors at the Shark Tank than it is outdoors at the ball park. It's all because of that damn delay!

Hey Taylor! Welcome to the club!

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