Friday, April 17, 2009

When I was a kid I always went to opening day at the ballpark.

When I was a kid I always went to opening day at the ballpark. My parent's house was only a few blocks from Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. It was acceptable to play hooky on that day and go to the game. As I grew up, I drifted away from that tradition. This year I will miss it entirely, but I am going to Thursday's game. It's a 4:00pm start and a lot easier to get to than an afternoon game. Since I don't usually get out of KFOX until after noon it is hard to make a 1:00pm game. But, 4:00pm is a piece of cake! So, I'm going home, grabbing my wife, and heading to the ballpark to watch the Giants against the Milwaukee Brewers. Opening day represents the start of another season, another spring, another summer, and another chance to dream of a world series. It connects with me in a way that few sporting events do. I remember when times were tough between my father and I, we could always talk about baseball. Baseball is the great communicator. Every team is a contender on opening day. Opening day is a time for rebirth and renewal. I welcome it as I do every year. Life is good!

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