Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pirates Of Somalia

The Pirates Of Somalia

These pirates aren't cute. They don't look like Johnny Depp. These guys are murdering punks with AK47's and bad teeth. They've been hijacking unarmed ships in the Gulf Of Aden off the Somali Coast. Here's my solution to the problem. It's quite simple. Picture this. We put about 1500 Marines, Navy Seals, and Army Rangers in civilian clothes on a big cruise ship and have them float right into harm's way. Through the pirate's binoculars it will appear to be a party boat full of drunken revelers. However, when the pirates try to board the innocent-looking vessel, the machine guns come out, and boom boom! Out go the lights! No more pirates. Do that a couple of times and these scurvy dogs might think twice about boarding a vessel on the high seas.

I love using the term "scurvy dogs" when referring to the pirates.

Who would have guessed, at the end of WWII, after our fathers fought and died to defeat Nazi Fascism, that such vile human endeavors such as terrorism and piracy would flourish in 2009? It's inconceivable that mankind would sink this low in just 60 years. Looks like our father's work isn't done yet.

Thank God the Navy Seals took out the pirates before they could kill the American Captain. Remember, the Captain of a vessel is prepared to go down with the ship. It's part of being the Captain. They all know it when they take the job.

I sure hope Obama gets tough with these pirates. I don't want my grandchildren growing up in a world with pirates and terrorists running wild.

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